Bridgwater Half Marathon – SCC Official Photographers


After being launched only 3 days ago, today saw our first gig as official photographers for the 2014 Bridgwater Half Marathon raising money for Cancer Research UK. After a request from the Organiser and Publicity Officer, Gavin Roberts, of the Bridgwater & District Friends of CANCER RESEARCH UK, seven members of our club quickly stepped up to volunteer to help this well known national charity to raise funds.


In order of appearance – Jim, Dave, Roger, ME! Brian, Graham & Merv.

The aim was for us to take pictures of the event and runners, copies of which would be put on the charities website, from where they could be purchased with the proceeds going towards the cause.


The event comprised of a 13.1 mile half marathon, for the serious runners, of which 392 runners participated and which started at 11-00am, followed at 11-30am with a 5 K Fun Run which was supported by 117 very generous fun loving people.


I regret to say I lost my heart to a wonderful little girl called Jazmin, couldn’t have been any more than 6 or 7, who actually ran every step of the way, accompanied by Dad, on his bike. Roger has some super shots of these two in action. Sometimes its little things like that that brings it all home to you how very lucky some of us are. We were blessed with a wonderful sunny day, perfect for everyone except for some of the Half Marathon runners.


Thirty three members of the Ramblers Carnival Club gave up their time to act as Stewards & Marshalls, strategically place along the whole of the 13 mile route and they did an absolutely superb job of it. This is one of those sorts of shoots that we all know that you are never going to get an award winning picture from it, but it was a wonderful opportunity to practise photography, have fun, get to know people and everyone entered into the spirit of the event and gave it their all. Even poor old Dave gave it his best shot. I think next time we’ll send him out with a number pinned to his chest instead of a camera. BLESS!!


What has derived from this is the importance of “Dropbox” by all the guys, being able to move around large numbers of files/ images, think we are up to 2,300 at the mo and still counting.

I know the organisers were thrilled with our efforts and have invited us back next year.


Should you wish to see what it’s all about take a peek at:

These types of things do crop up from time to time, so if you would like to be included or considered for the next one Contact Dave B, our Programme and events coordinator and he will put you on his list. Put my name down Dave for the next one, thoroughly enjoyed it. Oo’ps, nearly forgot, Jim Clayton (runs the barbers shop, next to the Duke) says his son play Rugby for Bridgwater & Albion under 18’s and they are looking for photographers to go and take a few pix’s. Wonderful opportunity to get some experience at Sport.