Newsletter #1 – LAUNCH NIGHT!!

LAUNCH NIGHT!!! scc-1st-night-7

Phew. That’s it, First night, come and gone, where do I begin? (which is unusual for me 🙂 After hours of committee meetings, lots of talk and heated discussions, as you do, hundreds of emails, (that’s just me) hours of work, photographing, buying, begging, filming and driving, it’s happened. Yes, just a handful of friends have formed a brand new camera club.


I did try to say hi to everyone as you all came streaming through the door, 777 in total (sorry that’s an aeroplane, 77 really) I am reliably informed, and it was my firm intention to welcome you all personally and then say goodnight and thank you all on your departure but I got involved in packing up elsewhere, for which I apologise. My other regret is that I did not get the chance to come around and speak to more of you on the night. Many of my old friends who were there have had that pleasure, but many new friends have not had that life changing experience yet 🙂  I promise if you come back I will try to readdress this.


First of all, can I thank you all sincerely for coming to see us and hope it will encourage you enough to come back and see us again next week. It will again be a another more relaxed, ‘get to know you’ evening but with a focus on cameras (skuse the pun) and the different types. After that the team intend to explore photography in more detail but still keeping it fun and friendly and as enjoyable as we can for you.


Last night I felt very humble to have so many loyal “Support Members” helping  us and gave  150% in fulfilling so many important roles. I did notice and I would love to give you all a mention by name but Ian charges by the letter on these emails, double for capitals!(joke), so from me, THANK YOU ALL. You know who you are.   (My thanks is something a little like wetting yourself. It may go unnoticed, but it it is certain to  gives you a little warm feeling at the time.)


I suppose I must reluctantly mention the star of the show, our chairmen Graham, and thank him for his contribution but OMG how these people love to talk. At the start of his speech I left to go and pick up our model Cherri, came back about half an hour later to find him still in full flow. What’s all that about? If anyone did capture any shots of anyone sleeping, please let me have them and ill get Ian to Photoshop them awake before putting it on the website. On the subject of Cherri, (thank you for the warm round of applause for her) and a big thank you to her for helping out. The only reward she will get for her effort are copies of any pictures taken. So if you have got a couple of nice ones, would you be kind enough to send her a copy, she would be more than grateful. We have do our best to look after these girls as we will definitly be needing their help in the future:


I’d also like to thank Roger Ballantine for taking pictures these lovely pictures of the event which I was supposed to do but simply wasn’t able to due to time. Also, if any of you have any that you think we might use on our website and you dont mind giving us permission to use please send them to me using the email link below. Thank you.


Lastly, we would like to apologise for the lack of seating, we were caught out by the number of people who came. We still had 5 people who had contacted me to say they could not make it but intended to come next week. We will look in to sorting this issue asap. We are not naive enough to think that we will not lose a few members along the way as some people came just out of interest, so planning is going to be fairly organic at this stage for Dave & his team.  Hence the reason for us appealing to you for information as to what exactly YOU want from this club. Make sure we know what level you are at and what you want most from us. After the first few weeks we shall set our programme in stone but within that we can still be flexible if enough people want the same thing. Where we cover various subjects, we will try our best to offer guidance and information at all levels of experience. If at any point we fail to do this, PLEASE let us know and we can try to rectify this. Don’t be afraid to speak up.

Hopefully see you next week.
Kindest Regards, Brian