Newsletter #3 – ALL ABOUT EXPOSURE!



OMG, I think I have joined the wrong club!!!!! Seemed more like the Quantock Bee Keepers Association to me than a camera club, the amount of times I heard the word “BUZZING”.  Everyone was using it. What was all that about? Lol Don’t blame me, it was that guy Graham who started it all off by welcoming everyone (as you do), touching briefly on Flickr, (if you need to be converted talk to me or Ken), and urging everyone to go out and take pictures. Couldn’t resist the chance to tell us AGAIN about the “Ploughing Match” on Saturday, too slow for Tom (Yawn Yawn) who was off to Thurxton on Sunday to capture real speed, and finished, surprisingly quickly, with an brief introduction to the theme for the evening, back to basics and exposure.

The remainder of the evening resulted in the members splitting up into several groups, with the more experienced members taking small groups and helping people to get their heads around this confusing IS, Shutter, Aperture, malarkey. Thank you to all the mentors. There were even people creating their own little one to one sessions. This is where the general feeling of friendship, and learning came about, to creating this atmosphere of excitement, and judging by the show of hands, invited by Tom, it was a unanimous decision that everyone felt happy with the evening, and wanting more evenings like that.

On busy nights like this some people get forgotten, so a big thank you to Marcia for relieving you of a few pennies to help pay for everything, and Melvyn who week after week looks after the kitchen to ensure you have refreshments available during your stay. Also a very dedicated member is Big Ian, who as well as being on holiday in the Canary Isles, has still found time to supply us with Tuesdays “Update” and this newsletter. The marvels of “Dropbox”.  Thank you Ian.  When you come back look out Rob Roberts, he is very impressed with your video.   As Graham said, we are trying to build your club for you, please we can’t do it overnight, but with a little bit of patience and help from you, we have the making of an extremely good social and informative club. Especially, hopefully next year when we hope to have a brand new hall built at the venue.

One apology, sorry about the quality of the fitted projector used for the first time last night which we realise is unacceptable, and we will do our best to redress this in the very near future. Promise. We aim to buy one of our own, bigger and more powerful, as soon as enough money becomes available. See you all next week.

Oops nearly forgot, we are trying to create a positive outlook to the world, so please if you have anything you could send to me as a “Testimonial” to the club, it would be very much appreciated and hopefully Ian will include it on our/his website.

Bri B.