The Ploughing Championship Event, North Petherton


An overcast day, which does help with photography, believe it or not. Good points: Easier to get your exposure right, no hot spots to worry about. It helps a person not to squint causing wrinkles? Well I didn’t see a horse squinting so it must be right. Great for flash.


Not so good for: Action shots where you need fast shutter speeds to capture and freeze actions. Bright sunlight does tend to over expose your photos, if you’re not careful! Bright sunlight also cast dark shadows, which loses some of the detail! Especially portrait shots at a wedding, where a hat is used!


Dave B, Graham S, John Oliver (Quantock Rambler), Mike Hill, was there from the club, Sharon Stevens a new member (hopefully) from Burnham on Sea. Everyone had their cameras on MANUAL! So something must getting through? Great times ahead…A good photo opportunity, plenty to see and do, even had free coffee and a stainless steel cup, how good is that!