Newsletter #5 – Photo Manipulation / Camera Kit


The club recorded another very successful evening with an attendance of 52 enthusiasts which included 3 new guests who were taking advantage of our two free week’s trial to see what we have to offer. Everyone seemed to enjoy the evening set out by our Program Officer, Dave Bawden, which comprised of 4 separate modules, with three of them focusing solely on photo manipulation software.

A very nervous Brian Bateman took his very first tutorial taking everyone back to basics with an introduction to Adobe Elements with an audience of 21. Young Lance Mills endorsed his opinion that Elements will do most things needed.

 Our liaison officer Darren Hillman was also busy giving a more advanced course using Lightroom which was very well supported and appreciated.


How many people can you get into a cupboard, ask Ian, 10, I think. It appears that his idea of doing a “one to one” soon went out the window when many more became very interested with his expert knowledge of CC became very apparent and popular.


For those who had other interest, Graham, Dave & Tom, took everyone through the ancillary equipment sometimes used in photography, which included everything from Bags to Tripods, Flash Guns, Lights, Filters, etc.


Smiling Tim was once again on hand as always, willing to share his vast knowledge on cameras with everyone, this time with Evelyn, whilst Roger is pretending not to eavesdrop.

Merv looked after the refreshment side, and Marcia took a great deal of pleasure of relieving everyone of £2-50 as they came in the door. Thank you to everyone who contributed in any way in making it a very successful evening and this includes everyone who helped at the end of the night to pack up chairs and tables.  It is noticed and appreciated. 10-15pm, lights out, door locked, job done.