Newsletter #6 – Shooting the Moon


Members arrived at the club this week relieved to see exactly what they had dreamed of, the sight of a beautiful full moon shining down as “Shooting the Moon” was the theme for this week. I understand that many of you had been eating extra carrots leading up to it knowing that this week’s challenge it meant taking pictures in the dark. One normally associates that the taking of photographs is always done in daylight but with digital technology and the right camera settings it is possible at night with startling results.

After a brief tutorial from Dave, all excited, we all went outside to capture this wonderful spectacle, only to hastily return 5 minutes later when a tremendous clap of thunder was heard and the heavens opened.  Have faith, as all was well after the front passed through and 10 minutes later we were outside again.

Love it when members are creative and have a sense of humour, Brian C spotted something that everyone else missed.


During the rain many members resorted to plan B and went into hall three and photographed an orchid in “Low Light”  Finding your way around your camera in the dark is not easy, so a big thank you to Darren, Brian C, Tim, Lance and Graham and it was nice also to see members helping each other. Some members even found puddles for reflections.


At the same time ever popular Tom was still finding time to explain to a very appreciative group in hall one the workings of a camera.


 Tim, from the camera shop, brought in a large box of cameras & tripods for people to use. Thank you Tim. Thank you to Roger B, Lynda P, Graham C, Brian C & our chairman for these pictures, just a sample of many taken. Merv was busy making sure that refreshment was available continuously through the evening and Marcia our treasurer is trying to save enough money for us to buy a brand new projector.

Toodle Do.
Bri B.