Last Sunday six of us, Peter, Haydn, Pauline, George, John C, and yours truly, jumped on coach and toddled off to The Wildfowl Trust at Slimbridge.

We were very fortunate in having Peter B, with us as he is very knowledgeable on natural history; I was absolute gob-smacked how far some birds fly non-stop. Before the arrival of our transport, the lovely Pauline, (our school marm and mother hen for the day) (nice link Bri, Mother hen – Wild life, oh do try and keep up) had us all practising singing “The weels on the bus goes wownd & wownd” ready for our trip.

Some of our group was making a return trip but for some for us it was our first visit, so hearing how big it was John C, Haydn and I took no chances and booked some transport, doing this meant we were able to visit all the special location.  Going around in convoy we introduced ourselves as doing the “Italian Job”.
Not only did we get some great shots we all made it into a great fun day and had lots of laughs and we were blessed with sunny weather.

Everyone agreed that it was a great day and promised ourselves that it would be the first of many.

Westonbirt, Caves, 15th century house, here we come! Speak to me if anyone is interested in coming along.