Newsletter #10 – FLASH!

Flash! Bang! Wallop!

Keith Robbins and Derek Bowden gave us a humorous look at the world of creative flash. Keith started by reassuring the group that it wasn’t expensive, by showing us his £1 flash gun.

His model for the evening was Tim, and did he pull some faces!

Keith’s approach was ‘to fiddle’, set your camera up at F8, 1/160 s, ISO 200 and take a shot. Too dark so open up the aperture, too light and close the aperture. The camera was tethered to the laptop and Lightroom, and the result were projected so everyone could see the results. Change the ambient light by altering the shutter speed.

Keith and Derek told us tales of dropping equipment into the sea, mostly saved by washing up liquid and hair driers! Later we saw the evidence and location when Keith showed some of his images.
Umbrellas, triggers and receivers were all explained.