Newsletter #11 – Another FLASH Wednesday

Putting it all together from last week. Everyone had a chance to fiddle with their cameras and flash, finding out how aperture controlled the exposure of the subject and shutter speed controls the ambient light.

I think we all got there in the end, and had some fun along the way. Fiddling with your camera with friends around you certainly seems to help you and your friends to gain confidence and skill in using your camera.

Thanks to Sharon, Tom, Keith, Tim, Dave and everyone who lent a hand. Special thanks to Rob Roberts, Brian C, Lawrence Gregg and Beth Wilson and Brian B for providing some super shots of the evening.

In room 3, Keith entertained some more members when he showed how to use flash to model and produce moody portraits. When I went down, to see them,  there was much animation and hilarity, especially at some of the expressions made by Keith. Again a big thank you to Keith.

Click below to see a close up of Lawrence Gregg’s amazing shot.

I hope we all went home full of confidence that we were going to fiddle and see what stunning shots we could achieve in the future.


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