Newsletter #13 – EQUIPMENT NIGHT

What a variety of ways of looking at equipment.

We started off with Brian who explained he has only been taking photographs for a few years. He started off with a simple camera and went in search of wildlife. He met people who had the same interest but who had different equipment, and he saw the need to obtain different cameras and lenses. Brian showed us some of his brilliant shots.

George explained his experience. Trying out different cameras and lenses and rejecting big heavy equipment. I think we have all been there at one time or another. Probably it does us all some good taking our photographic equipment on a long journey or holiday, we soon see a reason for cutting down. Maybe that is why Bridge Cameras were invented!

Roger told us of his interest in wild birds as a ‘twitter’ and how photography was a secondary activity. We all winced when he related the tale of dropping his camera. Expensive lens repair bill.

Mike had a box of delights, old film cameras with familiar names. Many gleaned from eBay. I still have a vision of a day out in the Newman household. “Right kids here are your cameras, go out and photograph.“

Linda’s disaster in New Orleans encouraged her to get a ‘ better’ camera and her love of Olympus CSCs was born. Day by day she is getting to grips with her camera and can now even understand the manual.

Dave showed us his ‘Heath Robinson’ approach to micro photography. “I made an adaptor myself as I couldn’t find one to buy“ ( Macro is 1:1 and micro is much more magnified ) Most of it done on his lathe where he can move the camera “ one thousandths of an inch! (What is an inch Dave?) Finally we had an stimulating , different  insight from Barrie “The most important piece of equipment is the person behind the camera who has a vision“

The night concluded with some advice from Tom and Dave about composition. The ‘Rule of Thirds” was mentioned with examples. Interesting discussion ensued when cropping was demonstrated, Linda surprised some members with her suggestion about Japanese shaped images.