Newsletter #15 – CHRISTMAS MEAL


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Last Wednesday saw our very first SCC Christmas Meal. What a fantastically fun and successful night!!!

The food was amazing and we would like to thank everyone at the Admirals Landing for putting on such a great spread.

 It wasn’t long before Dave managed to somehow break the bowl his tomato soup was in and ended up with the lions share in his lap. I noticed no one was in any hurry to offer their napkin and give him a wipe down, better luck next time Dave. There are photos out there somewhere of this unfortunate mishap, so please, if anyone has ANY pics from the Christmas Meal, bring them along to this week. Or you can email them to Brian directly.

It was very unfortunate that our Chairman Graham could not attend due to one of his dogs taking ill. You were greatly missed Graham, and we hope you dog gas a speedy recovery.

Jan won the MOST OUTRAGEOUS HAT Competition sporting some eye catching purple baubles.

The Raffle was also great fun, called out by Brian and aided by his glamorous assistant Tom. One table in particular won far too many prizes for their own good. Thanks Lynda 😉

A massive thanks goes to Brian Bateman for doing such an incredible job with the entertainment and for delivering his very own brand of humour as we ate. I’ve NEVER in my life been invited to watch a lady give birth on screen whilst sinking me teeth in to an assortment of cheeses and biscuits. UNFORGETTABLE!! UNFORTUNATELY LOL!

We also gave witness to the first ever gig of the ‘Sedgemoor Camera Club Ladies Choral Society’ led by our very own Grace. Never have you heard such a harmonious choir of angelic voices this side of Heavens gates.

The evening was topped off with Brian’s very own version of the 12 Days of Christmas!! Hopefully we will have a video of this to put online for all to see. I was crying with laughter at Tim & Lynda. Priceless.

Thank you to everyone who helped make the event an utter success, to name but a few, Val for the meal money, Lydia & Vicki for selling raffle tickets, Merv for transporting goods and a special thanks to Brian Comer for his help and for taking pictures and video all night. The group shot when we were all so merry must have been a real challenge!

Lastly, thanks to anyone who donated prizes for the Raffle, 45 in total, raising a total of £105 – more for our projector fund. Well done.