T’is the very last Newsletter
At the end of the year
That saw the birth of a new club
From a need that was clear

With high hopes and vision
We set out our goals
As we formed a committee
And assigned ourselves roles

Well it had to be Graham
The obvious choice
For all the best Chairman
Love the sound of their voice

When it came to our Brian
We had to profess
He’s the only one smooth enough
To handle the Press

OH NO! There’s the Programme
We’ll need someone brave
Someone quite crazy
That’s got to be Dave

And so it went on
And we started to grow
Could we really achieve this?
We just didn’t know

So we revved up the engine
Of our PR machine
And whipped up a website
To get ourselves seen

As we opened our doors
On the very first night
We couldn’t have dreamed
That we’d get it so right

With so many people
All eager to share
In a love of Photography
And a thirst that is rare

We actually did it
A family of friends
All focused on learning
Through a wide-angled lens

So lets take a moment
Be proud & stand tall
We did this together
Thank YOU from us all

Ian 🙂


Our final evening of 2014 and what a great first half to our first year as Sedgemoor Camera Club. Well done everyone !!

After weeks of voting the subjects for the night resulted in Lightroom, Elements and Macro/Micro. A huge thanks to Tom, Brian C and Keith R, the latter two kindly covered for Darren and Dave who both came down with the dreaded lurgy. I think Dave was just embarrassed at his Christmas Meal mishap and just couldn’t face us all. LOL!

Tom took on Photoshop Elements this time around showing how to edit images with the aim of those edits looking natural and making the image POP that bit more.

Brian C showed us just how incredible Lightroom is at quick and simple non-destructive editing of images.

Both the Elements and Lightroom lessons reinforced the power that lies behind photo manipulation to give your images that finishing touch, and both cheaper than buying an new lens.

Down in the back hall, Keith filled in for Dave to cover Marco/Micro. His enthusiasm encouraged members to literally get on their knees to really get up close and personal for that perfect macro shot.

Everyone was getting stuck in and the room was filled with smiles

It was the perfect night to finish of this year and as we are half way through now, the next committee meeting will discuss our progress and look at our future. So if you, as a member, want to contribute anything towards our discussion about how the club is going, please contact either Brian, Dave or Graham through the ‘Contact Us’ page on the website menu. If you don’t say, we will not know.

May we wish you all the very best seasonal greeting and look forward to seeing you all in 2015