Newsletter #17 – 2015 WELCOME BACK !


How’s It Going So Far ?

Tom and Dave hosted an interesting discussion about the activities  so far. Everyone seemed pleased with the way we started and the encouragement individuals received. All the practical sessions seemed worthwhile. It has been noticed how much more confident club members are with their cameras. We haven’t developed experts yet, but we are getting there. Complementary voices were heard from the floor.


In the second session Lynda held the fort. We were expecting Ian, where were you Ian? Lynda took us through her use of ‘Layers’ in Photoshop. I think everyone saw a new approach to photo manipulation. Dave also jumped in and showed some of his expertise.

We were also very impressed to learn that our “Steam Buff” James had entered a Railway Photographic competition and out of some 600 entries had managed to secure one first & two seconds in different categories of trains in steam. (for a young man he seems to know and awful lot about them). Brian Bateman explain that the SCC has been given the opportunity to provide a digital image for the cover page for a forthcoming WCPF Newsletter so please read BRI’s BITS below for more details. Tim took four of our new arrivals Di, Phil, Helen & Pauline aside and went through the basics of their camera’s with them, so all they need now is to fiddle with their cameras before next week.