We knew it was going to be a full agenda, Competitions and Critique. Let us know what you felt.

Eighteen club members brought in A4 prints on “Small Things” and a variety of interpretations were seen. From insects, plants to little storm troopers. Eventual winner was Lawrence with what looked like the innards of a watch. Well done, I hope you enjoyed the wine !

 A similar number of digital images for projection were shown, again wild life featured strongly. Eventually the head of the squirrel was voted No 1 by all of you. Well done John, again hope the wine went down well !

Thanks to the efforts of Brian Comer and Bateman for setting up the borrowed projector and giant screen, and thanks to Ian for manning the laptop. The evening showed me how careful we need to be in buying a projector for the club, we need to see it in action first.

Another week without Merv, with all your help we managed to survive. Although I feel a new strategy has to be organised this coming week with the talk by Steve Spraggon. We can’t all get into the kitchen at once. Maybe several members could prepare the drinks and bikkies before a break in the evening. We had a lively talk during the Critique session, not only about the usual, editing, cropping issues, but the old chestnut “ To Photoshop or Not” had a interesting airing. This topic must surely return soon.

Congratulations to Dave to have his image of the “Running Man in the Surf” chosen to be on the cover of WCPF digital magazine, we must all make the effort to look at it. Use this link HERE to check it when its up.