MERCURY article 05-02-2015



Sedgemoor Camera Club

A total of 55 members came along to our very first invited outside lecturer of the season and enjoyed a presentation from the acclaimed landscape photographer, Stephen Spraggon from Glastonbury. Stephen started off by giving us a quick slide show, he then explained his choice of equipment and how he used it. He then showed how he took some of his shots, emphasising the careful planning that went into a photoshoot. Being local proved to be very popular when seeing everyday scenes taken from a different angle. After a break for tea/coffee he then showed us how his work had expanded with some images of Paris, Amsterdam, Frankfort and Berlin. Again the meticulous planning was explained to get the best use of the light.The icing on the cake was the recording of our Q & A session at the end, which was recorded by Ian Durston & Brian Comer and can be viewed in our “News” section on our website:

All in all, another very successful evening.

Written by Brian Bateman