Newsletter #22 – LIGHT PAINTING


Image by Marion Saunders – Click to enlarge

We done it again !! Out with the tripods, shutters set at 30 s , 3…2…1…GO. Light painting In Wembdon, just to frighten the locals.

Bottom right image by Barrie Cooper

Mike “I’m swinging the lead” Newman bravely stood on the steps, took his life in his hands, and every one else’s and swung his glowing steel wool around. Great globs of glowing matter broke off and flew through the air, scattering the crowds. Next morning the debris was all over that part of Wembdon Common.

Richards Selways stunning light painting of the church gates. Click to enlarge
Image taken by Victor Percy

At the gate to the churchyard Graham painted the wall, lamp, gate, gravestones and everything else as we counted out 30 seconds (or 8 seconds for Beth!) The most pleasing aspect of the whole night was the gasp of wonder when members looked at their results for the first time.. We went off to paint Barrie, sat on the bench. “Can you sit, without moving for 30 seconds?” Had it been much colder he might have been frozen in situ.

Image by Phil Grant

Finally we went off to light paint Sharron’s car.


Image taken & edited by Sharron Pearse – what whose car tis too. Click to enlarge.

Somewhere further in the church yard flash guns could be seen going off. Dave had taken Sheila, a mysterious monk and some innocent club members into the dark arts. We are yet to see the results.

Shelia Dwyer captured with Flash by our Dave Bawden.

Rasputin Rog, the mad Monk – taken by a Pope …… George Pope

Once again Tim had set up a very interesting table of colourful object to photograph. It is great to see so many images from members.