Newsletter #23 – A LOOK AT YOUR IMAGES


Mainly intended as an opportunity for members to bring in, talk about and receive critique about images they have taken since joining the club. There was such a variety of subjects. Sun rises, sun sets, landscapes, portraits, light painting, some in the garden, some from the bedroom window, and who would have thought about using the ironing board? (Lynda did !) It was encouraging how well everyone could talk about their images, the settings, the reasons for taking them. Helpful critique was offered and discussed. It is amazing what other people see in your image that you don’t !  It seems everyone saw a new way of looking at their photography and saw new opportunities for different subjects. Tim’s Table continues to be popular to try out photo skills. We still need your images for the website, so please email them to Ian. Hopefully when this Newsletter goes out all the disruptions with the website and emails will have been sorted.