Thank you once again to Stephen Spraggon for giving his talk last Wednesday. It was truly inspirational. Be sure to visit his website at www.spraggonphotography.co.uk

For those of you who wanted information on some of the software Steve mentioned, PHOTOGRAPHERS EPHEMERIS tells you when and where the sun will set and rise (costs around £3 for the mobile phone app or its free to use online as a web app by visiting app.photoephemeris.com ). Steve also uses PTGUI software for some image stitching solutions, available at www.ptgui.com

Lastly, the software he uses to obtain that star trail effect is called STARTRAILS (oddly enough) and is FREE to download for Windows users at www.startrails.de

Here is the video of Stephen Spraggon – Question Time, plus the promo video Steve produced EXCLUSIVELY for Sedgemoor Camera Club.

Click YouTube icon to watch in full screen. Enjoy 🙂