MERCURY article 12-03-2015

Submitted to the Bridgwater Mercury 12-03-15.


7-00pm on Wednesday saw a hive of activity at St Georges with members arriving with car loads of props for the planned “Still Life” event which I think we can bill as a resounding success. It was amazing with just a bit of careful lighting how you can make ordinary mundane objects from the home to look very interesting through the lens. It really did bring out the best out of the 42 members that attended, to be creative and experiment and also some of the more senior members just came along not to take pictures but to give advice to the anyone who asked for it. There were possibly 20 sets available ranging from garden peas pod opened and a mushroom, to model steam engines, musical instruments, a range of miniature bottles of spirits, a very attractive radio, to a wonderful single solitary daffodil. Big smiles all round at the end of the evening.


Thank you Sharon S, Brian C, Andrew J & Lawrence for the images.

Graham, Dave, Merv and, Lynda once again excelled themselves in their important roles and a big thank you to everyone who brought in all the items, advised, and those who stayed behind to assist with the packing up at the end.


In my role as Recruitment/Press Officer my evening was made by talking to two new guests Chris & Lyn who had come to see what we were all about. They were both members of another club and had experience of other clubs before that. They stated that they were astonished seeing something they had never seen before in any club and they never thought possible, that of not only photography, but people helping each other, chatting, laughing, experimenting, and in all a very enjoyable vibrant atmosphere. Regarding photography, Chris knows what he is talking about being a very accomplished Black and White photographer. I do hope they join.

Bri’s on a mission at the moment talking to a camera club in Darwin, Australia with the view to a twinning and competitions.3

You will soon be able to see some results of our “Still’s” night by visiting either our website: or our Flickr Club page:

Written by Brian Bateman