MERCURY article 19-03-2015

Bridgwater Mercury Report 19-03-2015.

Sedgemoor Camera Club.

Forty five members and one new guest came along to the eagerly awaited demonstration by the very popular Tim Grimes of Tim’s Camera’s, in the High Street. Before that happened our chairman Graham Shaw and Vice Chairman Tom Hurst gave us a brief talk on the procedure of our very first AGM for the club which will take place on the 20th May this year.

Some members then raided Merv’s kitchen for refreshments whilst he was away begging for some petty cash to pay for the biscuits from Lynda. (She is so frugal with the clubs money). It was then that Tim took centre stage and gave us a very interesting and entertaining tutorial on portraiture lighting. Using different types and the difference it made to the finished product. The results were made available immediately by showing the output of the camera using a Laptop and projector. Knowing Tim as we do he managed to inject lots of humour into his talk?


 He also managed to cajole three unsuspecting members in becoming models for the night which they did much to the enjoyment of everyone, so again thank you to Sharon, Mo from Burnham, (Must be something in the sea air that makes em like that) and Peter to everyone’s surprise sat supporting a blonde wig and grey beard. (You really should get out more Peter) Hum, I think I must be turning, I found it quite attractive. Our members really do enjoy a good bit of fun from time to time.


Once again Tim found time to set up his Tim’s Table which was well appreciated by Sheena.


A great deal of sympathy was given to Brian Comer who for the second week following stood up all night to record the whole thing on video, Thank You Brian, we must also say thank you to Ian who spends hours editing the videos and putting them on our website, for your enjoyment.

Apologies for absence were received from Ian, John R and Angela.

Big thank you from Bri B to all those people who brought in their images on a memory stick for Ian’s Members Gallery.

Written by Brian Bateman