Newsletter #24 – COMPETITION NIGHT



It was good to see so many interesting shots from our club activities. Obviously The Bridgwater Belles and Light Painting had hit the button for so many of you. Yes we will be repeating these activities. We hope Andy’s advice will inspire you all to develop you portrait skills. It was very encouraging to hear members’ comment about close cropping and how it could alter and improve the interestingness of a shot. Congratulations to the winners in each category –

PRINT WINNERS (click above to enlarge)

1st Mo Hunt (middle)
2nd John Saunders (right)
3rd Paul Edmonds (left)

DIGITAL WINNERS( click above to enlarge)

1st John Dolling (right)
2nd Richard Selway (left)
3rd Another chap who I’ve forgotten !! Oh it was Brian Bateman (middle)

For the first time the top three had certificates and the winner in each category won a bottle of wine and John received some honey as well ! Several members had lenses up for sale. It is an ideal time to try out something new before you buy and talk to others about it. Andy White mentioned the possibility of using his studio set up in his garage. It will be for only a few 5 or 6 at a time, see Andy if you are interested. Tim’s Table was up again, we hope you all bring in your cameras and have a go. The important thing is can you get a unique image by moving around and moving the objects and lighting. Let your imaginations go!!!!!! Then email you efforts to Ian at We are also thinking to set up a backdrop with some flash so you can practise some portraits of each other.