Newsletter #26 – THERE IS ‘STILL LIFE’ IN US ALL!

Wow, what an evening!! So many great items brought in, and so much effort taken in getting interesting images.
There was a constant buzz around the room as help was given and ideas discussed. What sights to see, Ian rolling around under a table, Tim on his knees again.

There are some stunning images in the Flickr Groups from Still Life. Well worth a visit and comment on them. Dave was prepared to offer a prize but so many of you disappeared before we had packed away.
But I still feel Dave’s barrel, bread and cheese was a stunner! We hope it has given you encouragement to experiment at home.Phil still has not found his second LED lamp, did anyone pack it away by accident?A request to everyone, could you please wear your badge, Dave still has problems putting names to faces and we do have several new members who would appreciate knowing who they may be talking to.

Another thought from David Peterson:

Three Photography Basics

Today we have the great luxury of the “auto” setting, and because of that a lot of us have become lazy. So lazy, in fact, that there are some people who love photography, own DSLRs and consider themselves to be photographers on at least some level that still don’t understand those very basic principles of exposure. And for those of us who do have a basic understanding, a quick review of using Manual and adjusting Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO is never a bad thing.

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