Tom and I went over the procedure for the AGM, to ensure everyone knew how to propose members and changes for the Constitution.

Tim gave a very entertaining demonstration of lighting models, from the bad, through good to interesting. He was ably assisted by models Sharon, Mo and Peter. Dave acted as a light stand and Marcus waved some reflectors and things around. Every shot was almost instantly projected onto the ‘screen’. The Macbook behaved itself for most of the time, only requesting to find a BT WiFi hotspot in the second half.

Image by George Pope

We were shown how awful shadows can be when using the on camera flash, yes I know they can be remove in editing, but so much better not to have any to start with. Off camera flash with triggers was show. Now the interesting, modelling shadows came into action. Tim had a variety of soft boxes, big white surfaces spreading the light out to produce softer shadows. Umbrellas to reflect and umbrellas to transmit through were used. At one time Tim showed he had the biggest one ! He waved around the biggest umbrella I have ever seen.

Everyone was encouraged to take shots during the break of Tim’s Table.

After the break Mo took over the modelling duties. At first he was concerned about the result, “but it’s OK, we can photoshop it out !”

Image by George Pope

Tim changed lenses to illustrate how not to do it with wide angle lenses, noses do tend to dominate. The ideal focal length is between 50mm and 120mm to achieve little distortion. Tim’s explanation how to get rid of ‘red-eye’ went down well. If you missed it you will need to ask about it. Many people gave Tim justifiable praise for his efforts, I hope you did.

And for those of you that might have wondered whatever happened to Shirley Temple, unfortunately found out the sad truth that eventually ALL beauty fades.

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