Newsletter #28 – FLOWER POWER


Another great practical night. Thanks to everyone who made the effort and brought in some beautiful flowers. A special thanks to John and Marion Saunders for providing those stunning Orchids. They were so popular that members flocked around them from about 7.15pm and John and Marion could not rearrange them.

Image by Sandra Bagg

Image by George Poipe

It was good to see all the help that was going on, holding and repositioning of the lights, suggestions of other settings to try. Photography is more fun when it is collaborative. There are some stunning images appearing in the Flickr group.

Images by Mo

Image by Lynda Piper – Click to enlarge

Mike Newman showed lots of enthusiastic members how to prepare prints and make mounts for them.


Stuart brought his helicopter drone in, and long discussions took on in the kitchen. They were still there when all the lights went off after 10 pm!

Brian B did a grand job in cajoling you all to provide images for the Member’s Gallery on the Website. Look out for those online!

Images by Phil Grant

Did you take a shot of that giant tennis ball on Tim’s Table? It certainly needs something in the image to give its real scale.