Newsletter #25 – DEREK BOWDEN



We had an in depth explanation as to how Derek, over a period of thirty years developed an ability to make and use quality plate cameras. His pictures showed how he had worked out the basics using wood from old pallets and aluminium, before venturing into expensive mahogany and brass. He showed us how he prepared his 5×4 or 10×8 slides, in absolute darkness (when he is at home not during the evening!)

Exposure was determined from an ambient light metre or spot meter and the Schneider lens did the rest. Derek passed around contact prints of what the cameras produced.

After the tea / coffee break a lively question and answer session was hosted by Tom. An amusing intervention by Brian lead us all to believe  that “Graham” was doing the video, “ Graham” was hosting the session and “ Graham” was answering the questions. As Tom observed, it was similar to the ‘ Monty Python’ “ Bruces’ Sketch”

Graham on the right 🙂

Tim’s Table was up and running early to enable members more practice with their cameras. Much more movement of the photographer, the objects and the lighting was achieved. Hopefully many results have been forwarded to Ian.

It is always good to read positive feedback, this week’s comments mentioned Derek’s enthusiasm and expertise.


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