Newsletter #29 – ‘TETHERING HEIGHTS’ & ‘AUTO ROCKS!’


The evening started with an explanation and demo of using a tablet ( iPod in this case ) to control a camera and take photos remotely. It was explained that all WiFi objects, whether they be cameras, tablets, printers etc have a unique code.

In this particular demonstration the camera is given a name when the WiFi is initially set up, The menu gives the option of where the WiFi signal is intended to go, printer, smartphone, tablet or laptop. Similarly the tablet is told the type of device to receive a WiFi signal from. An app needs to be down loaded from a Camera manufacturer, on the iPad there is an EOS app and a Panasonic app.

So when they are ready to meet, click on the app and search for a signal, switch on the camera and tell it to send a signal to the iPad and usually the iPad will announce “Canon 6D connected” or a similar one for a different camera. The app is now changed to remote Shooting, and a window open showing what the camera is pointing at.

Sean then using the iPad could focus by pressing the shutter button. From the iPad he could alter ISO, Aperture and Shutter setting. Once the shutter button is pressed the photograph is taken, stored both on the camera memory card and on the iPad. Sean could move around the room, and into other areas, still remotely controlling the camera and off we go!

Lots of  discussion ensued.

 After coffee break Tom revealed the big secret, his talk was to be about ‘Auto’ shooting. But not about switching to Auto exposure for all your shot, but all the other times when allowing the camera to work in auto, sometimes gave advantage over any manual control.( Not sure why he directed all his comments at me.) Again this generated plenty of discussion. You can see Tom’s Powerpoint presentation by following this like HERE.