Newsletter #30 – KILVE SUNSET SHOOT


Picture taken by Dave Bawden ON A SONY! Honestly! (Click pic to enlarge)

 Wow, what a sight, dozens of us lined up along the coast waiting for the sunset. I’m sure we frightened off some other photographers to other spots. I think there were about 45 of us out there, we welcomed back several old faces.

Pictures by Brian Bateman (Click pic to enlarge)
Picture taken by Patsie Rennie (Click pic to enlarge)

Everyone seemed to enjoy the experience, especially as I imagine quite a few had never been out on a social photo shoot like this before. Photography is more fun if you do it with a friend (a bit like taking a bath!)

Picture taken by Peter Duce (Click pic to enlarge)
Picture  by Brian Bateman (Click pic to enlarge)
Picture taken by George Pope (Click pic to enlarge)
Picture by Richard Selway (Click pic to enlarge)

Dave was keen to get a fire going as he wanted to take shots of glowing faces, an idea that started when we went out for a recce on Mon night. I have seen some of the results in the Flickr groups.

Picture by Marian Saunders
Picture by Dennis Waters (Click pic to enlarge)
Picture taken by Annie Brownsey (Click pic to enlarge)
Picture taken by Bill Deem
Picture by Brian Leonard (Click pic to enlarge)

Thanks for all the hard work from Tim, it takes a brave man to drive around with a dinosaur strapped to the roof of your car.

Picture by Barrie Cooper

Thanks also to Phil for bringing his wonderful Harley Davidson down for some dramatic shots against the sunset. Phil asked if you have a good shot of his bike, could you print it out and give it to him.


Picture taken by John Saunders (Click pic to enlarge)