Newsletter #33 – ‘OPEN’ COMPETITION


Last Wednesday evening we brought our prints and images for projection, for an Open Competition.

There are several reasons for this, it helps members to see other ideas for photography. It helps everyone to think about photographic skills, composition, lighting etc. To discuss with others about these skills makes us all improve.

Tim’s Table continued to give everyone an opportunity to take imaginative shots of basic subjects.


1st PLACE DIGITAL – Roger Tibbles


2nd PLACE DIGITAL – Brian Comer

3rd PLACE DIGITAL – Dave Dawden

1st PLACE PRINT – Darren Hillman

2nd PLACE PRINT – Mo Hunt

3rd PLACE PRINT – Roger Tibbles (proving he can even win with his eyes shut!)

(John far right)

The sad news about John Chilcott’s death was mentioned. Anyone who knew him is invited to the Crematorium on Friday. Further information from Brian Bateman.

Dave, Ian and Graham went out on a recce to an engineering business on Saturday morning. This is in preparation of assembling 12 images for a Calender for this firm. As a link to the David Peterson article below, I came home with 543 images ( and subsequently I have deleted about 300 so far )