Newsletter #35 – SPEAKER #3 – Brian Sweeting


Wildlife On The Levels & In Your Own Back Garden

This Wednesday Brian Sweeting entertained us with a very enjoyable, illustrated talk about his experiences as a wildlife photographer.

He explained how he started not so many years ago and how you can produce stunning shots with inexpensive equipment, although he will admit that it does cost mega bucks to obtain very specialised equipment.

Brian showed us what could be found at various locations in Somerset, close to home. But amazingly he showed how a simple, thoughtful set up in your own back garden can produce some stunning shots. (maybe this will be a challenge in the new year!)

Before the start of the club session a donation of £100 was formally made to Bridgwater Belles, who had brought along several of their young girls in costume.

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Over the weekend Dave, Roger, Ian and Brian Comer built and fitted a screen to the wall in the Parish to improve our projector images – next stop the new projector!