On Wednesday evening the club rooms were set up with a variety of back drops to enable members to experiment and further their skills in taking imaginative portraits.

You had the opportunity to try different poses from full face, through ¾, side, above and below. Opportunities to shoot, just faces, head and shoulders all up to full length. You had opportunities to try different lighting effects, with continuous, LEDs and flash and use reflectors.

Portraiture by Mo Hunt

Split into groups of four you were given the opportunity to try out each aspect of developing your skills, did you ?

At one time I witnessed one model, one person adjusting the LED light, one moving the reflector around and FIVE people with cameras in a scrum, not a situation that was envisaged in the planning to the evening’s activity.

Portraiture by Sharon Stevens (Click to enlarge)

Portraiture by Peter Duce (Click to enlarge)

Hopefully you have at least three, different images, different model, different lighting, different poses. Please bring these in on a memory stick, we will collect them all in for a critique evening in September.

We were very busy and although I suggested we could have a discussion about the ‘end of term bash’ or meal, we never got around to it. If you have any thoughts or preferences could you email Tim through the Liaison Officer button at the bottom of this email.

If we are lucky Ian will have remembered to include a David Peterson article this week 😉