Newsletter #39 – Merryfield


A good number of members arrived by 7:00pm for the annual RNAS helicopter display. We were given a programme of the exciting enactments. There were hundreds of cars parked, loads of families with toddlers.

At 7:20 there is to be a display of what happens when a helicopter breaks down and has to be rescued with a Merlin and a Lynx. The Merlin was to simulate the helicopter with engine trouble. I was taken in by the commentator when he said “The Merlin has engine trouble.” But it really did have engine trouble!! So we had a display with one helicopter flying back and forth,

At 8:10pm we were to have a display from the ‘Black Cats’ demonstration duo, two Lynx helicopters in an aerial ballet. The commentator came on again “ One of the Lynx helicopters has a broken windscreen and will not be taking part “So we saw a display with one helicopter flying back and forth.”

Instead of the show ending at 9:00 pm as the programme said, the commentator announced at 8:20 “That’s all folks, thank you, off you go home now.”

I think some of us took interesting shots of the standing helicopters and the old cars. At least we got home early.