Newsletter #44 – COMPOSITION & ‘366’



Composition, composition, composition.

Sharon gave us a wonderful explanation about how composition can be made in so many different ways. It is not just the rule of thirds, but colour, weight and leading lines. Go out and try all of these.

Sharon also explained how she went out for 366 images. It does make you think. I explained briefly about 100 Portraits of Stranger. It does take you out of your comfort areas, but go and try it, just to see what happens.

Several members are thinking about buying a new camera. This week have a chat with everyone about this.


Tim’s Table returned last week and quite a few members got stuck in moving the lights around and capturing unusual shapes and abstract images.

Special thanks to Barrie Cooper for taking some shots for the Newsletter along with Tim.

Also, we received a cheque this week from Dan’s Engineering to buy the new projector so keep an eye on the Mercury for the full article..