Newsletter #45 – MOUNTING & RESIZING



The evening started with Mike Newman reminding everyone why we need to mount prints and what the restriction are. He then proceeded to demonstrate how to measure up and cut out a mount. All of this was made more visible as his work space was projected onto the screen, just like an ‘art’ programme on TV.


He surprised everyone when he dragged up a volunteer from the audience (George Pope) to have a go at cutting out. The precise engineer that George is came through with flying colours.  Then the blushing Beth was hauled to the front to have a go, I think she even surprised herself.


 Coffee was then taken and hopefully some useful discussion on new cameras helped James and Colin and anyone else who is contemplating a new investment.

Richard Selway opened the second half with an explanation of how to resize digital images for various outputs, projector and TV. There are several ways of doing this in Photoshop Elements. If you are having any trouble with this, Bri B has kindly offered to do the resizing of your images, if you bring them in on a club night, well before the event. As was mentioned on the night, we are waiting to try out the new projector to see what changes are needed, so the numbers might alter.


 It was good to see so many new faces, trying out the club, hopefully to join in with us. Also it was encouraging to see this year’s subs flowing in last night. A special thanks to Shaun who manfully took over the table at the entrance and happily took in loads of money from you.


 More thanks to Brian Bateman for manning the sound system so effectively and Ian for performing magic computer tricks to get the practical work on the screen.


 It was good to see so many members out, enjoying themselves, at the Ploughing Competition. My main interest was the Shire Horses, they are magnificent. It was fun trying to find a p.o.v to show their power. Others wandered off to see the old tractors still in action.

Behind the scenes, the technicals have been in action, ‘calibrating’ the new projector. Such a clever device, it seems to be able to do it all by itself.