We spent the whole evening looking at the results of the portrait evening at the end of last year. We saw many interesting faces. It was explained that there were several skills we were looking for, the pose, the lighting and shadows, mono or colour, effect of background and think about how you could apply these skills to improve your portraits. We hoped for more feedback from all members.

We have had feedback by email about the evening. We were concerned that those images at the end didn’t get the full critique they deserved, and we apologise to those members.

Tim’s Table IS going to be on this coming week for members to take pictures before we start and during the tea break so be sure to bring along your cameras.

Don’t forget about the Christmas meal, a list will be circulating over the next few sessions for meal choice and deposit. We need to get this sorted sooner rather than later.
Once again, a request for you to send in your images from Tim’s Table. It is a great opportunity to practise several skills, lighting and composition.