Newsletter #48 – UP BEFORE THE JUDGE

Last week John Tilsley gave a very entertaining talk on what a judge is looking for in photographic competitions. We learnt that when looking at an image, a judge will try to think WHY an image was taken, and what emotion the photographer was feeling or trying convey.

We were also reminded a judge’s opinion is just one person’s opinion on one given day, and that judging is ultimately ‘subjective’ – so an image could get full points one day, and come nowhere the next.

After a small slideshow where John showed us how some images actually break all the normal conventional ‘rules’ of photography and still WORK, we then got into small groups where we were asked to look through 10 of John’s own print images, analyse them, and decide amongst ourselves which we would choose as our top 3 images.


Then one person from each group explained their decision, and for each image, using the format that John had suggested, they described one point they liked, a point that they felt could help to enhance the image, and to finish, a positive point about the overall image.


It was interesting to see quite a few of the top choices were black and white images and it was great to see a range of such inspirational work from John’s own portfolio as an award winning photographer.


So far I have met three members who all said it was one of the best evenings for discussion. If you were not there, you missed a cracker. Also, a thank you to the “chairmans deputy deputy” for introducing John Tilsley to everyone.

From the images I have seen so far Tim’s Table seems as popular as ever to practise your photographic skills. A special thanks to Paul Hersey for bringing in the bonsai tree which went down very well. Don’t forget to forward your images taken at Tim’s Table.

Lastly, anyone interested in the visit to Durborough Farm for a photo shoot at the end of October, please contact Dave ASAP as numbers are limited to 10. He needs your positive response by Wednesday.