Newsletter #50 – BABY PHOTOGRAPHY


Sharon Lewis gave us a very entertaining talk on her Baby Photography. Starting by giving her CV on photography. From point and shoot in such a short time. How we could learn from that.


The significant fact for me was that from a small beginning, the birth of her sister’s baby (I’m sure I don’t mean it wasn’t a small thing for the family) but an catalyst to develop a style of her own.


As we have said before, the internet is a great resource for any hints and help with photography. Sharon took this on with help from the internet. Yes she had to practise with dolls and props etc.

Now by word of mouth and looking on her website she has built up a big client base for a subject she loves. Many members were asking questions about the work and effects.


 After a long, chatty break, we all tried taking shots of baby, dolls twenty toes and fingers along with the masks on Tim’s Table (thanks Dave for these).