Newsletter #53 – FLASH & AMBIENT LIGHT

Tim demonstrated images to explain what ambient light is. Basically the lighting of the background. He showed some shots with only ambient light to see the subject was almost a silhouette. To solve this annoying problem he showed how the introduction of some flash light makes the subject stand out against the ambient lighted background.


And then, he showed a stunning shot of a beautiful dog against the ambient light of the evening which caused the whole room of members to yell out loudly, “Woooow” and “Aaaagghhh” He went on to explain, with the help of a very able assistant, how the shutter works and what is meant by synchronising the flash, for some members that was a concept too far, maybe next year. If you are still interested Dave will tell you all about first and second curtain flash.

After coffee most members came out to have a go in the churchyard. We saw ghostly images, black silhouettes, over burnt subjects and eventually some well exposed subjects against the ambient light of the church.It is simple when you know what to do. I hope you have all spent happy moments in your back garden having a ‘fiddle’.

Two reminders, firstly please bring in the £15 per person for the Christmas Meal. I was impressed with how many remembered last week, especially impressed with Paul ‘the fastest milkman in the west’, he came in with the money even though he was not staying. Hope Mrs Paul is recovering. Secondly can you bring in, or send, your images for the ‘Close up and macro’ competition. George is manning the print box while Marion and John are off having a good time somewhere.