Newsletter #54 – EXPOSURE


The evening started with an EGM to confirm the resignation of Lynda from the position of Treasurer and vote in Shaun in her place. I think I may have my weeks mixed up, but if there are no objections we will let it stand.

The main activity of part one was an illustrated talk to remind members of the exposure triangle and then to look at examples of particular uses of Aperture and Shutter Speed. As usual Barrie didn’t like silky water and let his feelings known. Several new concepts were introduced and discussed, “What is a ‘stop’?” and hence “what are 1/3 stops?’ How are hyper-focal distances used. Favourable comments were made about the experience.

In part two, everyone had the opportunity to put some of the ideas into action. Tim’s Table had subject to try depth of field shots with the playing cards and VW camper van.

Some members ventured outside into the church yard with Dave to do I know not what. There was a big buzz in the room for most of this time.

Special thanks goes to Patsie & Philip Rennie for taking the club shots.


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