Newsletter #56 – CRITIQUE NIGHT

As we have said several times before, to be able to critique and have your images critiqued in return, is a very important aspect of improving your photography. How many times have other people pointed out obvious mistakes I had over looked.

We have said in the programme that we would like images submitted early, usually two weeks in advance, to give John and Marion time to sort them out, resize if necessary, and if there are too few images for a full evening for relevant persons to make alternative arrangements.

This summed up last Wednesday’s evening. We were short of images, Ken had reorganised something extra, I had put in a request for late submissions (which came in) but now we feel that we will have to stick to the guidelines in the programme so that members are not under too much pressure on the night. (Oh yes we are under pressure to make everything run as smoothly as possible, as many of you realise).

Also, John Saunders did a great job running the slideshow along side Brian C for the first time.


A big thanks to Ken who steered us through and accepting the changes at the last minute. Well done to all who contributed to the discussions, especially when we were in small groups.


Some of you might have seen me out on Saturday morning taking shots for Wembdon Parish when they were clearing areas in the fields. I managed to find and rescue Brian from the brambles, he had been stuck in there since 8.00am that morning. By the way Richard and Victor, all shot as RAW and processed as such!

On 12 Jan 2016 (just over a months time) Dave and Graham are going over to Mid Somerset Camera Club as they have requested a demonstration of ‘Light Painting’. Our reputation is spreading far and wide. If there is any member who wants to accompany us to spread the good words about our club, let us know.

Thank you to Les Snow for taking the club shots this week in conjunction with Tim.