Newsletter #57 – MERRY CHRISTMAS


Hello there, this is Ian, filling in for Graham on the Newsletter this week. I know he is busy sorting out raffle ticket prizes for those of you who won, that did not attend the meal. The names or ticket numbers will follow in a later email along with details of how to collect your prizes.

What a fantastic night again! The food was worth every penny at this years venue, The Malt Shovel….

… and they made an amazing effort with the lay out, complete with Christmas tree.

The raffle was HUGE this year with plenty of alcohol to win. Well done to Tim for organising it and to his assistant, Graham, for doing his bit drawing the numbers from one of Father Christmas’ old socks.

Dave got festive by helping out Mike Basham with his secret identity.

And what would Christmas be without plenty of snow
and a bit of Noel Edmonds…….

SORRY…….  I mean LES Snow and PAUL Edmonds.

Dave photographs an old flame whilst Tom watches.

So that’s where Father Christmas’ hat went!

Whilst Dave rummages around to find his sprig of mistletoe, Sandra quickly explains that she’s holding out for a Hiro….. who might be closer than she thinks.

Ken sporting that old tried and tested (and well rehearsed by the looks of things) manly pose with hand under chin.

Graham proves that it doesn’t matter what time of year it is, you can flash and fiddle with it ANYWHERE!

George and his ‘George’ous wife, Pauline.


Annie demonstrates her previous career as a sword swallower with her choice of main.

Which one is brightest? Answers on a postcard please……. Thats the flash or the star, NOT Dave in the middle of course!

Tim finally gets the point of one of my jokes, which proved messy for those either side of him when he took a swig of wine afterwards.

Graham caught fiddling again, this time behind the Christmas tree.

I included this image simply to demonstrate that well known optical illusion that we are all familiar with as photographers. Anyone wearing stripes horizontally appear much wider than they actually are. Yes, its truly an uncanny phenomenon because we all know that usually id be eclipsed by Dave’s rotund disposition.

Our very own retired reindeer, Marcus, shows off his antlers for old times sake.

And finally Dave is en-prisoned for crimes against this years programme. Only joking Dave 🙂

Special thanks to Carol Wewerka for organising the event and to the Malt Shovel for putting on such a good spread. Also thanks to Mo, George Pope and Tim for the evenings photos and to everyone else who made the Christmas Meal such a great night again this year.