Newsletter #63 – CLUB REVIEW

Half way through year 2 and it is time to reflect, what has gone on, what has been successful, what didn’t go so well, what do we want in the future.

From the discussion, the feeling was that everyone was satisfied with the variety of events. Using the camera in different situations, the continuation of Tim’s Table, was about right. Outside speakers were good, so long as they were varied and not too often (about three or four per year).

There were suggestions about having extra sessions in Hall 3 for basic camera work and portraits. Another suggestion was to have ‘teams’ of members who competed with each other on set topics through out the year.

We are aware that we are different from most other camera clubs, and the consensus was that that was good.

There had been a serious accident on Wednesday evening and many of the roads were blocked. The fact that around forty of us turned up was a testament to the good spirit in the club. (Although when I arrived at 7pm to find no one I had to check that I had the right day).

Tim’s Table saw a welcomed return to 2016 and was inundated with members wanting a go. Great work Tim! See more of the results later in this Newsletter.

Thank you to Phill Grant and Mo Hunt for this weeks club pictures.