Well a variety of liquids, all carefully prepared to take interesting shots of. The amazing distorted diagonals of Mike and Natalie, Dave’s huge fish tank with strawberry (I really did expect him to get inside), the tipped cocktail glass that Roger poured coloured water (well he reassured me it was) into and out of.

The smoking loco that Barrie and Richard drove caused problems for James, clever use of light painting with string and torch.

The small and large bubble produced by Mo and myself, I am still finding the little critters in my clothes and hair! Definitely a case for developing off camera skills.

Sharon played with dripping milk with her Splash Art Kit. All in all a fine variety to experiment with light, angles and exposure.

I was pleased that the road works didn’t cause too many problems, we all made our way along the narrow lanes. The only concern was Mike Basham in his camper van. Tim said he was coming and gave instructions of the back way around Chilton Trinity, I hope it hasn’t turned into a Möbius Ring and he and his wonderful wife are still driving around, looking for a way out!

Don’t forget, this week coming is submission night for the ‘OPEN’ internal competition. It’s Print & Digital and you can enter a maximum of 2 entries total.

A special thank you to Colin Gitsham, Sharron Pearse and Brian Bateman for this weeks club pictures.