Whether you wish to be a wedding photographer or not Peter’s entertaining evening showed some basic principles that would be useful for all photographers.

Firstly know your equipment, know all the controls, make sure you can change settings without looking, (or at times without thinking). It is not very reassuring to the clients if you show you are unsure how your camera and flash work. And how do you achieve this state? FIDDLE, FIDDLE FIDDLE with your camera and other equipment.

Another very basic idea is planning. Good photographs do not just happen, location, lighting, timing all come into play. Maybe you have to visit a location days, weeks or months in advance, look at the weather forecast, don’t leave it to chance and hope to get a great shot.

And finally make sure your batteries are fully charged, the memory cards have enough space and then you can go out and have fun with your camera.

Special thanks to Paul Edmonds for this weeks club shots.