Unfortunately I gave out the sad news about Carol, to start the evening off. We stood in silence, sorting out our thoughts on Ken and Carol. Our thoughts are with Ken constantly.


Tim had brought in half his shop! The sight of him on his knees, rummaging through plastic bags, will last for a long time. He mentioned the simple UV filter, to protect your expensive lens, if you are prone to dropping your camera, lens side down. (Why do I think of Roger Ballantine at this moment?) A general discussion then followed about polarizing filters (CR remember) and how they can reduce reflection in windows and water surfaces and give rich blue skies (when pointed in the correct direction). It is all to do with physics.


Tim then played with special effect filters, ones that altered the image so much (Sharon described them as vodka lenses, not sure what she meant).


Tim talked about N.D filters (Neutral Density) like the big stopper that allows us to us longer exposures to remove people walking in the street or can give a milky effect to moving water. He also covered the so called Speed filter that blurs away part of the image giving the illusion ove movement or ‘speed’.



The technology got a little temperamental when the camera was tethered to the projector, but they both were given a stern word over the coffee break.

Tim then moved on to Lenses & pointed out the benefits of different lenses like the ultra-wide, the macro, the lightweight mirror lenses, and even large heavy telephotos.

During the break members were seen having fun trying out the accessories. Mo was seen doing funny things with the dinosaur.

Tim brought along ‘Elvis the Pig’ to satisfy Dave’s thirst for photographing musicians, only to witness his rather unorthodox approach to finding the off switch.

Special thanks to Barrie Cooper for doing this week’s club photos.