Didn’t We Have A Wonderful Time, The Evening We Went To Burnham?

The weather was good, there was some sun dipping down in the west, we had a good turn out of photographers and plenty of subjects on offer. If you were not there, you missed a great opportunity.

Walking down the jetty, to the right and to the left opportunity for abstract leading lines of the flood defences, down the steps to play on the sand.

Did you see the stranger on the shore? Or was it a beached whale?

Tim, I hope that’s not a doggy bag!

Further down the jetty the Life Boat people were out entertaining us with their noisy hovercraft, one volunteer offered to jump into the mud up to his knees, and then struggled to get out.

We were noticed by the Life Boat people, they would like to see any of the shots we took of them and have offered us a visit to the Life Boat Station.

Then there was probably the most popular event, especially for the children, when the Burnham Big Bubble Blowing Bloke started to blow his stuff. Of course it was our dear friend and club member Mo.

Those of you who ventured further, saw shots of the arcade and pier. Pleasure seekers amongst you ended the evening at Wetherspoons or the local chippy.

Tim cries with laughter after someone points out a crack in the mirror behind him, only to realise he hadn’t pulled up his trousers again properly.

Special thanks to Barrie Cooper, Barry Clark, Mo, Rob Roberts, George Pope, Peter Duce, Tim, Dave Bawden, Sheila Dwyer, Paul Edmonds, Tom Hurst, Philip & Patsy Rennie, Dennis Waters, and anyone I may have forgotten who sent in photos of this weeks event. This has been the best Newsletter so far for members sending in images. Keep them coming and thank you.