Last Wednesday we were entertained by Barrie Cooper and Victor, long time advocates of the benefits of Black and White, or mono, photography. We were show examples of some of the Photographic Greats, Anselm Adams, (American landscapes) Don McCullin (war and urban strife) Jane Brown (portraits) who all usually worked in black and white to give drama to their work.

Barrie explained how certain filters could be used to bring out more detail in shots. Victor gave us a physic lesson on wave theory and the visible spectrum,(you were going to be given a test at the end of the evening!)

The person in a green outfit illustrated how the filters worked their magic. At one time glass filters were screwed on to the front of your lens, now manufacturers have given us that ability ‘in camera’.

So now it is up to you to experiment and find out whether you can enjoy the wonders of black and white photography.

Don’t forget to bring in your ‘People ‘ themed images for the competition in two weeks time, external judge altered to Laura Pearce. Maybe we will see some more Black and White.

Also the ‘Little Book’ will be available for nominations for next year’s committee, so if you wish to stand, or wish another member to stand, now is early warning about getting your thoughts together.

Special thanks to John Brawley for this weeks club shots.