Newsletter #75 – ACCREDITATION

In the evening we were entertained by three explanations on how to take photography further. George started off with his LRPS, showing us some of his work and how he developed his skills, way back in the mists of time.

He has been paying them loads of money, each year, ever since. Sharon continued with her personal journey to get letters behind her name, the self help groups she joined until she had just the perfect panel of images to wow the judges.

Finally Brian Sweating showed us his wild life images that have been submitted to various photographic salons across the country, who award medals and certificates in reward. There was plenty to think about if you are interested in following a similar journey.

Hiro brought in his knitted Hasselblad

Another sociable night with Tim’s Table following on from the inspiration of last weeks Black & White talk.

Special thanks to Mo & Tim for this weeks club pics.