Newsletter #76 – TWO PRESENTATIONS


WOW what a great night. The hall was full, and even a few had to stand at the back! But it was well worth it as we had two well planned presentations that kept us interested and amused.

Tom Hurst started the evening with his ‘New Tricks’ talk which introduced us to the technical workings of camera sensors, and the implications of the various sensor sizes. This was followed by the advantages of different lenses and the effects they have on the final image.

Then to round it off, Tom showed us some stunning images taken with a mirror-less camera using some of the ‘Art Filters.’ Thanks Tom, and hope we did not upset to many Panasonic cameras users.

In the break, there was a hive of activity round Tim’s table with members photographing a toy mushroom house with a small room in it that did not have mush’room in it (you can thank Brian Leonard for that one.)

In the second half, Ian Durston gave his presentation called ‘BAD ANGEL’ where he gave us an insight in to ‘Composite Photography’ and the sort of work he does as digital artist.

There was a fair amount of Photoshop and some technical information but he managed to keep it light with plenty of humour, as we would expect from Ian. This was followed up with a quick Q&A session and a round of applause that reflected how enjoyable and effective the presentation had been. Well done Ian.

Special thanks to Alison Donnellon who was our club photographer for the night, and Mo for his additions.