Newsletter #77 – ‘PEOPLE’ COMPETITION



Competition time again and it was good to see so many entries, so well done to those of you who entered.

We should say special thanks to Laura who gave great comments on all the images with a hint of humour where necessary.

Laura Pearce is both an accomplished photographer, and a Judge from Yeovil, with a particular interest in Portraiture. She also mentioned an event she was doing in the near future. More details HERE

She started the night off by running though the images one by one. There images taken all over the world (I really must get out more.) All 40 images received fresh comments giving us valuable critique and suggestions on how she would take the image forward. I think the next image I put in will be taken on a Nikon and have something red in it.

Judgement time and the winners were announced in reverse order:

A well deserved congratulation to them, especially our overall winner, Lance Mills who couldn’t be there to accept his certificate so his better looking twin stood in for him.

With plenty of time left over at the end, we had the opportunity to view the images again and offer our own opinions on the entries.

Special thanks again to Laura and Derrick for such an entertaining and educational evening.


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