Newsletter #80 – MEMBER’S NIGHT 2016


It was that time again when YOU, the membership, got to pick the evening’s subject, and you chose:

‘Understanding the Basics of Your Camera & Photography’

The evening got off to a surprising start when James discovered our sugar bag was empty so he legged it to the local shop before anyone noticed. Good on you James. I was pleased to hear the sound of shutters firing as we got started and it was great to see Brian Comer with his camera, instead of solely working behind the scenes as he does most nights. When I started my intro I didn’t want to stop that buzz, so I kept it short.

We decided to approach the evening from two angles – so in the Main hall we had several small groups, each with a volunteered leader allocated to a specific type of camera so that any questions could be answered.

It did take the combination of Graham, Dave, and myself to sort out one member’s problem, so it was great to put our heads together to solve each other’s problems. I must thank the volunteers how headed up the groups, you did a great job. I know we will have to put something on to challenge them soon.

Then the second approach to the evening was Ken who led a group over in Hall 3 focused on ‘camera modes’ and ‘basic camera settings’.

Ken’s wonderfully relaxed way of explaining things brought out enthusiasm and passion from the feedback I’ve heard. Well done Ken.

We were even lucky enough with the weather for some member’s to go outside and into the churchyard to explore their camera’s further.

In true Graham style, everyone was encouraged to fiddle with their cameras and put in to practice the things they learnt. Mo’s Monster Table was once again a huge opportunity to try new things. I much prefer Mo’s table compared to that other guys 🙂

What a great night and thanks to Ian, George Pope, Mo, and Ray Parr for this weeks Newsletter images.